Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers / Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later (Miramax Double Feature) [Blu-ray] review

Coming out May 15th on Echo Bridge

We all know the Halloween franchise and Michael Myers history. The question is did Echo Bridge do a good job on the transfer, and my answer is yes and no. First off, for less than 20.00 you get a double shot of Halloween. There are no special features, which I think the original dvds did not have anything besides the sneak peaks. The picture and sound are a little better than the original dvds, which to me is ok. But, my negatives are really silly. Echo Bridge why not load the discs up and give fans some special features maybe some history into the projects, or what about the long never released work print to Curse? Talk about a easy cash in. Know how many blu rays were sold when Fox put out the Alien blu ray and threw in the work print for part 3. I had to see it and as a horror fan, I would love for companies to release these. These are not things that Echo Bridge can be faulted for. They are doing a good job at just releasing some long overdue stuff on double packs at a good price for fans. But, why not the workprint. Dimension has the rights to it. Why not just release it and give the fans a treat?

Me personally, I am a huge fan of Curse. And this is the first time I have watched this film in what 13 years. It was one of the dvds that sat in my collection that I knew I would watch again someday. But, thanks to Echo Bridge and this blu ray I got to watch it again. Paul Steven Rudd. Love it. They listed his whole name. This film is so intense, great kills and fun times. I love the old fashioned slashers, this is fun old school stuff. To see Donald Pleasence, is sad. He looked so sick and in pain, and you know he did this for the fans. A true class act and such a presence that is missed in horror these days. This is my number two fave behind the original part 2. You watch this film, and watch some of the crap that Rob Zombie has gave us, and it is sad. This is what Halloween is supposed to be. But, Paul Rudd looks so fucking ridiculous in this film. And again Michael can drive.

H20, this was the one that I was not that big a fan of. I have not seen this since me and my girlfriend at the time went on opening night to see it. We went to a theater outside of South Carolina at midnight. I remember the manager having to wake us both up. So, this is my first time watching it all the way thru. Steve Miner is a ok choice but the material he had to work with is pathetic. This tried to be in the Scream vein. While not as bad as the one with the rappers and the online reality show or anything Zombie has touched, it is bad. Josh Hartnett was just as silly as Paul Rudd, but Paul Rudd I can put up with. There was a few cool moments, and Kevin Williamson script was a joke.

Again, the transfers have no subtitles, no extras, but come on the quality and quantity of product is worth the sticker price.

Halloween: The Curse of Micheal Myers…9 out of 10

H2O-5 out of 10

  • I like Curse and H20 and would love to see them in high definition, though I found them both a little disappointing the first time around (especially H20). They’ve grown on me though, especially Curse.

  • shamonfrom the bx

    nice review i brought this too and s=did want some extras but i can live without it .