From Dusk till Dawn / From Dusk till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (Miramax Double Feature) [Blu-ray] review


Coming out on May 15th from Echo Bridge




I have to start this review with something that I should be ashamed of
admitting. As much as I loved From Dusk Till Dawn, I have never watched either
of it’s sequels. 1999-That was my first use of the term “a fast cash”. Take
something that was popular or semi successful and try to capitalize on it with a
straight to dvd sequel. So let us start this review with From Dusk till Dawn 2:
Texas Blood Money. I will say this, From Dusk till Dawn is one of the greatest
vampire films ever to me. It is a 10 out of 10 classic. Me and my brother can
quote this film, we have seen it and heard the soundtrack so many times. Now 12
years later, I am finally watching the sequel. This time playing the  sort of
Clooney role is Robert Patrick ( the brother to Filter lead singer Richard
Patrick). While I was a fan of Robert in a few films T2 me he is such a one note actor. Another
factor was the director. Scott Spiegel he is on board for the 3rd Hostel film, I
had to see what he is capable of with direct to dvd or blu ray films. I mean look at the cast, legend Bo Hopkins,
Bruce Campbell for 3 minutes in the beginning and Machette was in this for about 10 minutes. So the film
had a decent talent roster. There are some decent scenes in here, but as a whole
it is bad. I did like the shower scene, and some decent kills. But, you can tell
this film was just another film that had to be a From Dusk Till Dawn to be green
lit, it had nothing to do with the original. This film can have fans, who knows
I know a lot of people who like bad cinema and find positive and 10 star reviews
in anything.  If you are a die hard serious horror fan, avoid the sequel.




Now, the blu ray quality. I thought the picture and sound were above
dvd quality. The sad thing is no special features, no Full Tilt Boogie…but I
am glad Echo Bridge is looking out for fans who may not have these on blu ray yet. They are priced on the cheap and hell
the original From Dusk Till Dawn is amazing enough to carry both films.




From Dusk Till Dawn 10 out of 10


Texas Blood Money 4 out of 10