Eyes of the Chameleon review

Plot- The story follows a Las Vegas casino bartender named Sara who is told by a fortune teller that she is cursed. One by one, the people around Sara are brutally murdered and Sara is looking more and more like a suspect.

Review-This film is a toss up. I know personally a lot of people who bragged about this film, and I know quite a few that did not care for it. For a lot of people, you say the name Troma and they have their minds made up which side of the debate they are on. To me this film had a few positives, like the running time being so low. It ran about 79 minutes and thank god. It seemed like towards the end they were running out of ideas and steam. Another positive was the main character Sara. The first 30 minutes she kinda just dragged..but the last 49 minutes she got better. I also liked the bed room scene at the costume party. I thought if they would have been so much more creative with that scene it would have been so much better, but for what it was. The 4 minutes was not too bad. I like the ending, it made me question so much about what I watched. Which is always good, it felt like they got one over on me and I cannot figure out how. The negatives, this is typical Troma fair, which sometimes is not a bad thing, when they have a bigger budget and can do more than be a retread. You get a few scenes of Troma nudity which adds nothing to some of the scenes and makes them look cheap. Like the actors could not do it with their talent, so throw in some breasts to maybe hide the fact that the film is boring. I am a die hard Troma fan, and learned in the past, that some Troma films you need to be really patient. And this is a good example, if you can sit thru 60 percent of boring bad acting and over the top silly gore that really is ok to a point but it is only there to hide the acting or lack of, the last 40 percent of this film was not that bad. Again, I know some people who really love this film and will laugh at me. But, I did not hate the film..I just thought it could have been so much better..well maybe next time.

3.75 out of 10