Evil Things review

Before I write this review, I want to share with you what was sent to me. I
got this letter from the US Department of Justice. It is a letter asking me for
my assistance in the missing person case of 5 young adults who were reported
missing on January 13th 2009. They were last seen at 23 Muskeegee Road in the town of Woodstock,New York. And
the letter goes on to tell me a videotape was delivered to the FBI, 2 months
later and they transferred the video tape to dvd for me to help them solve this
crime. And this tape they called ” the artifact” is being sent to the critics of
websites and blogs to help with clues and maybe sightings. And that director
Dominic Perez is really a special agent in charge of the missing persons unit
for the FBI.




This found footage film is about the road trip to Aunt Gail’s to not only
celebrate Miriam’s 21st birthday but to just get away. On the way, they
encounter a black van. At first they think the van just wants to pass them by.
But, they soon discover more when the van follows them and ultimately they find
out that the person or persons in the van has a video camera and is filming them
as well.




This film was well shot. And for a film like this to work, you have to buy in
to the characters and they have to be likeable. And this film, worked on that
level. There is some really tense moments in this film. There is a scene where a
simple walk thru the woods turns into something eerie, as they get lost and then
they hear noises. Another scene where the person or persons stalking them shut
off all the power, and have night vision and you can see one person in the dark
freaking out trying to get away. The only negatives to this film were in the
last 15 minutes. I just did not like the way the film wrapped up, which I will
not get into. But, I will say this, the film until the 1 hour and 15 minute mark
of a 88 minute film was really good. This film was simple. I know people will
say the woods scene was a rip off of Blair Witch, but to me it still worked. It
is the unseen terror that scares me more than the stuff we see. I give Dominick
so much praise and kudos to his package. I really feel it is the FBI. He did the
dvd up to be like a FBI file and sent me a letter with FBI figurehead. Genius.
As a whole this is a little fun nail biter. This had some fun jump scares. And,
I cannot wait to see what is next.




8 out of 10

  • First and foremost, thanks for checking it out. I guess this film just caught me when I was in a mood to watch it. Some films like say, a Happy Madison production if you are in a certain mood you will love that film more than when say you are not in the mood for it. The night I watched this film, I read the FBI files that came with the film, and the packaging on the screener really was well done and I bought into the characters and story. Who knows if I rewatch it tonight, I may hate it…or I may just love it again….film is all about escape and sometimes you are in a mood for that kind of escape. Again, I respect your opinion and thank you so much for taking the time to read the review…who knows we may agree on a film…

  • Mike

    I am in no way a critic. But after wasting my time viewing this I feel this is necessary. In no way shape or form should this movie be viewed as a “horror” and/or “thriller”. This movie is horribly sad for even a grade school student’s first attempt. There is no real viable climax, resolution or conclusion. Not even a sense of laughter for how pathetic this so called movie is. Your schools haunted house has more production value and effort! So about the movie. – Basically you watch people who are terrible at acting and down right annoying with linear scripts and that’s about it! The ONLY event of suspense (the “climax”) is a door closing in front of the only man with a (weapon) knife who could clearly see if something was there before hand, fallowed by silence and then a woman who doesn’t even attempt to open the door, just cries in despair falling and banging on it… And that’s pretty much end of the story. Don’t believe me? waste your time, but you were warned.

    JamesD, I have concern with how you found this movie any thing but a scotch tape attempt of what other films have done, and not even with convincing effort.. Really, You mention the wooded scene? As if it were good? It was an utter failure in every respect. What about their destination? They get lost going nowhere, going straight? Nobody mentions the man filming everyone angry for hours on end with no input, they brought walkie-talkies for no reason at all? Other than the scene haha. How do you get confused with where you came from? Turn around and look at your footprints I’m pretty sure they lead all the way back 😉 And who wanders all day not thinking of where they were originally going? Common sense stopped me from seeing any eerie feeling in it. This movie and every scene was pathetic!