Dawning review

Coming to dvd and blu ray on June 28th from Breaking Glass Pictures. This is the advance review…

Plot-A family has a night out in a log cabin in the middle of the forest, and by the end of this night..their lives will be forever changed.

Review-I have officially now watched this twice. Why did you watch it twice James? The first time, I had so many questions…and thru those questions I did not like the film. But, the second time knowing what I did. I felt different about the end result. I will say this, the questions for me start in the final 10 minutes. This film is well acted, a great script. I am not sure if I would label this film a horror film. This film had the same feel of Altered. The Sanchez film about the alien in the log cabin that they capture. This film works on so many levels, one is the suspense. You never quite know..who is who and what is underneath it all. At first, you see this family..a father..mother in law and sister and brother. And as the film unfolds, so do their stories. Gregg did such a good job with the character building and making us feel a invested interest into what is going on to them and within them to each other. This film almost felt like a long extended twilight zone. This film though, ( I am trying to be spoiler free) gives you no answers easy and sometimes no answers at all. As a viewer I love mystery, but this film has so much it never shares, that I felt like at least by the end, things would make more sense and things would be more detailed. And, I was wrong. The ending left me wondering more than I did when the story started unfolding. This film is paranoid, very smart in its pacing and delivery…but, it should have been 10 minutes longer and to throw me a bone as to what it was that I watched. ( the last comment was intended to be something else, but to say that would give away a key scene..so I made it that remark which is not a hate swipe on this film)

This film has so much family drama to it, that at times I felt ” ok where is he going with this”…but all the dialogue in this film serves a purpose as do the scenes. This film is one of those film that if you blink, you missed too much and need to rewind. ( does anyone rewind anymore..unsure) I bet by the 3rd time watching this film, I will appreciate it more than the first two. At least I give it points on watchablity.

7 out of 10

  • The acting, across-the-board, is fantastic. I especially liked Christine Kellogg-Darrin, who brings heart to the role of Laura, a woman fighting to keep her marriage intact and bond with her resentful step-daughter. For people who appreciate intelligent horror films, “Dawning” is a must.