Cd Review-Men-Talk About Body



1.Life’s Half


2. Off Our Back


3.Credit Card Babies


4. Boom Boom

5.Take Your
Shirt off


6. Who Am I to
Feel So Free


7.Make It


8. Simultaneously


9.If You Want


10. Rip Off




12. Be Like




MEN, the art/music collective formed by Le Tigre’s
J.D. Samson, formed in 2007 but didn’t
release their debut album, Talk About Body, until four years later. The line
up also features Ginger Brooks Takahashi, Michael O’Neill and Samson’s Le Tigre
bandmate Johanna Fateman as a collaborator . Last October, a
few indie radio stations started playing the first song Credit Card Babies which
got a lot of Le Tigre fans like me talking. J.D joined Le Tigre during the making of their second cd Feminist Sweepstakes and you heard the
difference, whether you agreed with the new commercial feel of what Le Tigre
were going for, you cannot dismiss the message was still the same. But, by the
third cd you could just tell Kathleen Hanna
and crew’s heart were not in it. Now 7 years later, this is the cd Le Tigre should have put out after F.S. Songs like My Family and Credit Card Babies
while the message is still about lesbian rights you cannot dismiss the
catchiness of the songs. There is not one weak song on this cd. Given MEN’s resume, it’s not surprising that the band’s
sound of disco, punk, indie rock, and synth punk is so reminiscent of Le Tigre and Chicks on
Speed. I had such a good time with this cd. Some of these songs like Take your shirt off, could really
do well on indie rock stations. They are so catchy and poppy, and people would
really dig it. And Boom Boom Boom sounds like the bastard sister of Le Tigre’s
FYR. God, do I love this cd. All you Kathleen Hanna fans who have been
hammering on Twitter asking for another Le Tigre cd, this cd will surprise you how really cool it is.




8 out of 10