Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies review



Originally titled Oasis of the  Living Dead and released in 1981, this is the
dvd version now titled Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies. This is the story of an
expedition searching for treasure supposedly buried by the German army in the
desert of Africa, during WW II  and they come up against an army of Nazi zombies
guarding the fortune.




In the last few months, I have given so much credit to all these companies
for re-releasing films from my youth, and some held up very well and some not so
much. I remember seeing this as a kid, and thinking it was so not so much. This film takes
so long to get going and when it does, the blood and gore is almost laughable.
This film tried to be the bastard child to Cannibal Holocaust and Fulci’s The Beyond and it failed miserably.
And a film like say Dead Snow maybe had something to do with the name change?
The last say 15 to 20 minutes of the film were ok, but there is nothing you have
not seen in a million other zombie films. The characters were bland to boring,
and you really cannot buy into their struggle or care about what happens. It is
a zombie film, we want blood, gore and zombies and we demand a lot. If you
cannot give into those demands, what about a interesting plot and some
interesting characters, and we can forgive the lack of the other stuff. This
film is a lost treasure that should have stayed buried.




2 out of 10