Worm Review

This is the 20 minute short directed by Richard Powell and produced by Zach
Green. You talk about a short that has a whole lot of us talking. The word on
this film is unreal and after I just got done watching it. I am in. This film
has me as well. This is their second short as a team. And it is such a premise
that on paper you think this does not sound like something I could get into, but
oh my god did it succeed.


This is a day in school, thru the mind of a teacher named Geoffery Dodd. Who on the surface comes
across as a nice and gentle guy, but underneath that is something quite
different. It is a journey into the thoughts and unspoken word of people who are
not what they seem realm. And some of the things he is thinking which is for us
to hear during the whole short, are ranging from the absurd, to the disturbed to
the do people really think this stuff cruel? How many of us, are talking to
someone and you are being so cool and you are really thinking something so
awful? For this 21 minute short, it is very emotionally charged and at times
quite unnerving to see what he is thinking about and his subconscious is making
him try to act on.




This short to me, I put in the same category as American Beauty. It is like
we are going thru his mid life crisis with him. You know, some of these choices
he is thinking about are not rational and you cannot even sympathize with him
for them. And what a ending this film has. It is like a rubber band, it is
building and building and it sucks you in, to get to the snap.




I am now thinking the most brilliant ideas are in shorts. This film is not so
much a horror film, as it a morals film, it shows us that something on the
surface is not what it seems to be.




8.5 out of 10..