Why Embodiment of Evil is 2011’s best film of the year..the review

This is Jose Mojica Marin’s third entry in the Coffin Joe series. Now, before we start this review if you have not seen the previous two entries At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul which is from 1964 and This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse from 1967, do not worry, it delves in flashbacks to familiarize you with the Coffin Joe character and the evil acts he has committed. The story is pretty easy to go along with, he is a murdering undertaker who at the start of this film is being released out of an asylum after doing 40 years. Now, of course the guards and society does not want him out. Once he gets out his assistant Bruno is waiting for him. The finger nails on Coffin Joe could give Freddy Kruger a nightmare. Now, that he is released, he enlists a posse of demented and just as insane as he is cohorts. The goal is to impregnate a female so he can have the son, he has so desperately wanted.

Coffin Joe at times is haunted by visions, of his past and quite possibly his future. The one thing I liked about the character, that no matter what he does, you cannot seem to hate him. You almost root for him. This film is graphic, unapologetic. There are some scenes in this film that involve roaches, rats and any torture device that he can muster up. And, is there any woman in this film who is not naked, or completely getting the hell beat out of her, tortured or murdered? Lord, I am shocked that there was no women rights group going off on the content of this film. It is truly a one of a kind film. And it is non stop violent. Not only towards women, but also children and they did not leave out the men.

The bonus features, first off thumbs up to Synapse for the transfer on blu ray. And the Fantasia fest screening, that was a 14 minute good time. I was cheering. That alone would make this a must buy.

The film itself, this is the best film of 2011-hands down. I do not give a shit what comes out this year. It cannot touch this film. This is better than Wound from last year. This is quite possibly the film that really defines what I am a fan of in horror. I love shocking, sick, cruel and just fun good times. This film is the best horror film I have seen since Inside in 07. And the blu ray is a combo pack with dvd. This is a must see, forget Scream 4, Insidious, and anything else that is coming out. This film is a nightmare, a long fucked up nightmare. And, I loved every minute of it. Esp. when he was testing his new posse, that has to be the most intense scene I have witnessed in any film in quite a long time. How hardcore was that scene alone.

A Masterpiece..this is the best film of the year