Transgression review

A college student fears that he will fail his upcoming test. The boy decides to take some drugs to help, but instead of relaxing he starts to hallucinate. While in his drugged out dreams, he meets a woman who teaches him how to get all of his sex desires fulfilled. Eventually, he will have to go back to reality: but will she let him?

Originally released in 1988, and now re-released by One 7 films. I think something weird video tried to release this a while back, and their transfer was kind of crappy. This transfer is amazing. Sadly, that is the only positive I can give. This film was not my cup of tea, just so boring and so out of date. Now, I know was filmed in the 80’s but you had to think even for that time this film was boring. And for a college student, this dude looked old. Like he was mid life. The LSD, and smack then documenting his experiences, it got to be so silly. I hate a film that is silly that tries to play it straight. This film while not for me, may be something you may dig. I am just one voice, and my voice says this film is bad.

1.5 out of 10