The Walking Dead Girls review

The Walking Dead Girls is a 73 minute documentary to promote both the Cheezy Flicks zombie girl calendar and the release of Stripperland on dvd. Unlike, Fan of the Dead which I despised and was so glad when it ended, this one was fun. You get some 6 to 7 minute interviews with a few of the genre greats, and also each of the month ladies of the calendar talk to us. Which some of them come across as you would expect. Which made it even more fun. The women are asked questions like Vampires or Zombies which do you prefer, and shocker..not all of them say Zombies. But, some of the interviews are priceless. Way to go Bruce Campbell. Anyone noticed how not only did he come across as a big too good for himself dick, but he knocked not only zombies but also the film’s premise in Stripperland. Way to help Cheezy Flicks, you Burn Notice sell out. That to me was such a letdown, I am a huge Campbell fan and he just came across so bad, and not wanting to be part of this interview. It was a letdown. But, fuck if the girls of The Evil Dead did not only have fun with this, but hammed it up for the camera and it came across as fun. Like they are so appreciative that people remember who they are and even care. Class. Luna Moon does all the interviews, you may know her as the pink haired chick on the Cheezy Flicks review page.

Did someone tell John Amplas what the documentary was about? This to me was the must. Dude went on and on about vampires, vampire this and that. And you can tell Luna wanted to be nice and not tell him he is off topic and not even in the right topic. And, when he went on about Romero’s Martin, you can just tell Luna threw it all out the window and just thought, ” fuck it..let him keep on going on and on about vampires”. You get fun facts with Mr Troma himself Lloyd Kaufman, also George Romero, Linnea Quigley who all come across as fun and really wanting to share all they can with the fans. Boyd Banks, came across as weird, like do not let your kids walk on the same side of the road weird. But, he was funny.

If you are excited about the upcoming Stripperland dvd like I am ( come on its zombies and strippers, and Linnea Quigley how could this fail), this would be a cool little watch to get you more excited. And if you bought the cheezy flicks calendar this is a good study of each girl you drool too.

All in all, I know the talent behind these films and they have so much passion and heart, that even when they miss..they do it fun and for the fans. At the end of the day, that is all you can ask for. And yes, Jennifer Loomis has a small cameo. She is pictured in the Seattle Zombie Walk. For anyone who deals with this studio either as a fan or website, we all know who Jennifer is. And for that alone, give these guys some cash and pick this and Stripperland up asap.

7.5 out of 10