The Strange Game of Hyde and Seek

I am a film and music critic. ( well I think I am ) If it can be watched or
listened to, I am game. As I know a few more people who feel the same. Reading
is a different thing. I can read the paper and 15 minutes forget all I read. The
same with a book, I do not have the patience or time to devote to going thru a
book or script. I mean when I got my bachelor degree in college, that was the
last time I picked up a book. Now, magazines are a different thing. But, I do
not have to review them. What am I getting at? I have no idea about the history
of Jekyll and Hyde. I know it was a mad scientist who transforms or morphs into
this bad ass who fucks up people. I was not into those books, or Agatha
Christie, Stephen King..I know the dvds or films, but not the books. The sad
thing I have over 300 books, and never opened any of them. I bought them as a
challenge to finally read and get into it. It bores me to sit and read, no
offense to anyone. ( and now I manage a bookstore) Now, I love writing. Again,
we are getting off topic. This 33 minute short is a take on the legend of Jekyll
and Hyde. I know it is a take on the Stevenson tale and supposed to be radically
different. But, until the last 5 minutes I did not notice anything different. No
need for a plot, I know everyone knows this tale. This film felt more like a
take on Jack the Ripper. It has some glimpses of pure brilliance and it was
admirable. But, this is more for fans of this lore. Ok, you hated it..nope. The making of lasted 38 minutes and oh my god,
that was amazingly fun. This is what I want to harp on. Whereas the film took a
few chances and was so dialogue heavy, the bonus is so fun, and a fresh breath
of air, that it added to the film. As a whole, if you like this story you will
dig this dvd. If you are like me, you will watch the bonus features after and
have a blast but as a whole feel left out of what could have been so different
if you knew more about the legend. See, I admit my short comings. A fan of this
stuff will eat it up and love it. Non fans like me, will be like lost. But,
enjoy the gore element even though it only lasts for 2 minutes top. But, I did
love the ending

3.5 out of 10..but again keep in mind as I have stated this is not a
film made for me. It is made for die hard fans of this legend and

the bonus doc..making of 6 out of 10