The Sin review ( short)

Continuing with our Anna Taborska shorts review is her second short called Grzech ( which means The Sin)

Before I give you a plot, let me tell you about the vision of Anna. She takes a simple shot and finds something magically beautiful with it. She tells a great story visually, without a script. It is almost like the actors and script are second. She is a very complicated young soul, where you think her storytelling is simple, it actually turns into something very complex and stunning. She is obsessed with the war and the effect it had on her homeland Poland. Ela told one side of the war, this short tells the effect of after. She uses innocence as her pawns in stories, what is seen thru the eyes of kids who are very young and creates a mind manipulation into dark territories such as the effect of war or in this one the theory of evil and what the devil is.

A newly married couple are in bed, and out of the blue the husband tells his wife about the greatest sin he ever committed. It involves what happened after the war, judging by Anna’s passion I am guessing it is War World 2. His family gets a vase, that he thinks is evil and has a hidden meaning though consumed by it’s beauty.

I am starting to get a grasp on what Anna does. She creates a picture that you perceive one way when in reality it is a totally different perception. This film is subtitled. And in some of the scenes with the scenery some of the words you cannot see. But, oh lord is there a weird twist to this story. This reminded me of something Del Toro would direct and fans would be all excited and wanting to see. I liked Ela a lot better, but this was not too bad. I love how she uses the characters as a background to the real hero of her shorts, the camera work. I am impressed.

7 out of 10