The Hood Has Eyez review


I am known as the guy who has said a million times,” I have now seen it all”
or” omg this film is sick”. Before asking
for this film to review, I had to watch the trailer. So, I knew what this film
was all about before watching it. The bad acting, the darth vader porn voice telling me they are in the hood.
This comes from Terrence Williams, who gave us Horno. And one of the leads in this film was a Flavor of
Love girl. Wire, I think her name was. (See I will admit I watched these shows,
Rock of Love, Flavor of Love and etc.) This film is a slight take on 2 films, the first
thirty minutes is a ghetto version of The hills has eyes. And the last 40 is a take on I spit on your grave.
So, my expectations were low, but boy did this film as bad as it was, just gave
me so much to talk about and made me a fan in the end. Read on…
Plot-This is a adult gore story about 3 high school girls and one guy who
skip school and go to a party, well on their way to the party they go thru the
hood and accidentally hit a woman. Come to find out, the woman is ok and this
leads to the 4 of them being abducted and raped by some gang members. Well, one
escapes and she is out to get the savage gangsters who abducted and raped

Review-Terrence is fucked. Who thinks of this stuff? Holy hell…and then I
am worst. Who likes this stuff? I cannot down this film, I seen the trailer and knew what to expect. I knew the
acting would what it was, and that it would low indie quality, but no offense this
film has guts and some talent which to me equals gold. There are some things in this film that I did not know whether to be excited or vomit or just be utterly scared. You get rape with a broken bottle, a dirty
Sanchez, an abortion, golden shower, women taking revenge on male genitalia, and
a guy eating a bloody tampon. So who wants to see this film? It is silly, and
the women are supposed to look like teens and you know they are 20′s to 30′s. And in the first 21 seconds you get full nudity. And, the ending to this film if you decide to make it that far, is really cruel. And
you cannot help but laugh. This is the bad part, as cheesy and horrible as this
film is, I had fun with it. Why? I really was so blown away by how disgusting
this film is. The abortion scene alone should never be seen in any film, and
that being said, I had fun with it. I sat there and just got more and more
disgusted with this film and irritated by how bad the acting was and yet I found
myself wanting to see it again. Usually I would say why they didn’t just make porn. I think they did, this film is a good time more fun than it should be. I would love to take this film and play it to a religious youth group, or better yet the church of latter day saints.

7.5 out of 10