The Curse of Micah Rood review

This is a 34 minute short about the legend of a 18th century recluse from Norwich, Connecticut who commits a bad deed that taints his apples with the blood of guilt.

This short at first I thought, why would I ever want to see it. Well, for starters it stars Ron Palillo ( Horseshack from Welcome back Kotter) as the title character. The film tells of a stranger named Winslow Page, who meets our title character and decides to stay the night and loves the apples so much that our title character thinks Winslow is stealing them from him. These apples are wll known by everyone in the community. What makes these apples so special, we do not find out till later in this short. And, to not spoil anything. Let’s just say the tree and vines are thinking for themselves. The first 15 minutes creates one picture, of a character study of a recluse and a stranger who neither one is trusting of the other. And we as the audience are given reasons why neither one should be trusted. The last 19 minutes paints a picture of guilt, paranoia of bad deeds that have been committed and also the final act, which really is heartbreakingly beautifully shot.

This film, has a little going for it. But, as a whole. The accents were annoying, and this is a slow burn. Little blood here and there. As a whole, if a film like The Village, or even any period piece like Elizabeth was good to you. You may like this or at least tolerate it. I liked the last 12 minutes but that was not enough for me to love the film. As a whole, I say skip…but, the last 12 minutes were pretty fun and cool..

3.5 out of 10