The Collective presents The Meat Eater ( Jabb Pictures) movie review


10 Filmmakers, 10 shorts, this is The Collective. And what they put together is
The Meat Eater. All these shorts are of the same meaning, that meat is bad. The
shorts range from cannibalism, to old school japanese and sci fi films, to Jason Hoover making a statement that may rub some
the wrong way, but we will get to that..



The first short is the one I was the most psyched for The Giant Rubber Movie:Sascratch Versus Afrodesious. This is the longest of all the shorts
going about 15 minutes. This is also the most far out of all the shorts, and
having the Midnite Mausoleum girls in it, was such a cool idea. You
can truly tell Thomas Berdinski ( The Italian Zombie guy) really has a lot of
old school love. From Infra Man, to Gojira, and even anything 50’s sci fi. A 10 year old Miko takes a pod and goes from the year 25 million AD to
earth to help kill a meat eating monster. And to stop the evil Dr Sigmund Zoid. This was just flat out fun. It is pure
cheese. And for a 15 minute short, Thomas really went all out. And he even plays
Sascratch. This is a stoner
film, just a fun time. All hail Marlena and Robyn, they stole the funny they were. ( everyone should own a Midnite Mausleum dvd-cheap plug)


short Chris Jay’s entry..The Meateater. I was not a fan of Lethal Obsession, but you
know what this was fun. This is a take on bigfoot and the legend. All these
people gather to want to shoot it, and a camera man is filming it all, and it is
told thru his camera. This relies so heavy on comedy and you know what it was
funny. A little over 10 minutes this film packed quite a punch in the end, it
was not too bad. Then, a few shorts later, was the weirdest one, it was called
Snow Angel. It was a little short about  10 minutes long, and it was a shot of a
country road filled with snow and something in the background that you cant
quite make out, and then as the short goes on and on, the shape comes closer and
then another shape is coming after that shape. The music and feel of it was
something out of David Lynch or better yet when you stare at a picture long
enough and you see a sailboat. There are 6 other shorts, including Jabb Pictures little 8 minute zombie film that
really was fun, and a cat who feeds on human penises. But, it was the 10th short
that I want to talk about. You had to know Jason Hoover had something planned
for a finale. This was a cold shot. After watching films like Food inc. and
reading books on the slaughtering of innocent animals for human consumption, I
know what evils are in a hot dog and hamburger. The 9 shorts, created a enemy of
supernatural, or fictional..but Jason made the last short as us
being the real enemies and killers. Does this disturb me? Yes and no. I think
most americans do not read anything, they just consume. But, Jason tap water has
just as much evil as a steak. Sure no one dies for a glass of water, but is
anything truly whole and pure?  Hey, I am all for vegetarians, but why do we
constantly need to come under fire for what we love and hate in food? All gripes
aside, this was a good time. It was almost like a indie twilight zone season.




9 out  of 10