The 7th Hunt review


Plot-5 victims, 3 are female and 2 are male, they are taken to a abandoned
building some kind of school or something. ( they never talked about it much,
but it looked like some kind of military school) They are being chased and
stalked by 5 sadistic killers who each have a different way of killing. The goal
is to survive. Or to make a shit version of Hostel. Thank you Eli Roth, because
of you we get more and more of these films. Lets get to this stellar review.




Review-First off this stars Imogen Bailey, that was the selling point. ( but who is
Imogen Bailey, James) She was a ex
Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and Miss Austrailia, and also starred in Feed ( the Seven rip
off with the guy who made the women gain weight) and Man Thing. And punk drummer
Cassady Maddox is also in this.
So, you know it has some major cuties. But, the premise was so promising. But,
this film just ran out of steam around the 12 minute mark and started to repeat
itself and by the end, it really did not matter anymore. This would have been a
awesome short. Around 14 minutes and just take out the talky, boring dialogue.
We have seen this all done to death and this is no different than the other 99
Hostel rip offs coming out this month on dvd. Even with the talent pool, this
film could not get out of the starting blocks. Again, the scene where they cut
the computer guy’s finger was so fake and how many people do not freak out when
they get a finger cut, this guy just seemed to stare for a good 2 minutes before
reacting. ” It is called method acting”…this film is unwatchable and if you do
watch it do not review it. The less press it gets, the faster it goes away. I
should email this to the director and ask him to promote this review. I bet
anything he does not read it and just glad someone talked about it.




-1 out of 10