The 11th Aggression-review


Hell has frozen over. I am about to recommend a Chemical Burn title. This
shocked the fuck out of me to tell you the truth. No fan should ever have to
watch films like Cam Girl, Lesbian Vampires and no offense to you other critics,
I think Melvin sucks. It was a pathetic attempt to re create Troma magic without Troma talent besides Lloyd whoring himself in the beginning
of the dvd. But, this film had my attention from start to finish. It is a little
bit murder mystery, a little bit gore, and a whole lot of b movie detective badness that works. The beginning of this
film, involves a girl being tied upside down to a tree legs open, and our killer
punishes her for cheating on him. ( take that you player ladies) This
film revolves around 2 detectives on the hunt for him. One is a hot shot that
has a girlfriend who feels left out of his life, cause he goes from girl to girl
and forgets her. And, the others do not like him, and he breaks the rules if it
can benefit him. The other detective is on the opposite realm of his partner. He
is so obsessed with this case, his wife and life have taken 2nd priority and  he
mentally is going mad, losing his grip on reality and is so obsessed with
finding the killer. Then, you have the killer who is a ex Vietnam Vet who does
what we all want to do. Punish those who do wrong by us. Whether it is someone
in a car who cuts you off, or someone who tells you they are closing and you
know they are not. You almost feel like he is the victim. We should all
victimize those who do wrong by our standards. Daily!!! I am joking of course.




This film must feel like Titanic to the Chemical Burn ad team. It is their
crown jewel. With that said, it has pacing issues and the side stories about the
detectives at times gets so bogged down and silly. If this film was just about
15 minutes shorter the flow would have been so much better. And, some of the
kills in this film and how he gets the victims seems so ridiculous. That this
never happens. But, why harp on that. I liked certain parts of the film enough
to give the problems a pass, to recommend this film to all of you barely. It is
like a bad b version of CSI with gore and nudity.




6.5 out of 10

  • Wanda

    Hi, I didn’t see any other comments underneath your review and so I just wanted to show some appreciation by saying thanks!- I never got a chance to see this movie and wanted to know what it was about before I watched. Your commentary/review gave me a great sense of what to expect.

    Thanks again.