Skin Eating Jungle Vampires review

Released in 2002 on vhs, and now re-released by those fine folks at Chemical Burn for the third time on dvd. I know this is the part that I am supposed to break into the plot. Fuck, if I knew what the plot was. The first ten minutes of this film, had some moderately hot kinda chunky girl, get surrounded by jungle vampires who were all female and they spank the crotch area in her shorts. And she sure did not look like she was fighting to break free. They capture this woman, and lesbian acts and killing so phony you will swear it’s cherry syrup and not blood ensue. I was just praising Chemical Burn for a almost decent film with Melvin and then a better than average film for the 11th Aggression, now they are back to their old ways. Just cheap nonsense, a bunch of no acting females who can only get naked and try to strike scary poses. Lets look at the actors in this film. Violet Sweet, Persephone, and directed by Mr Creepo. You are serious? Do you go to the bank, and cash a check with these names. And who in the fuck would accept a check from someone named Creepo. The film ends with a blooper reel. Now, no shit. I had a little fun with it. You can tell most of the people involved in this film were high or drunk during scenes, no one took this serious. Chemical Burn is below Asylum and Brain Damage after this one, and that is sad. Those 2 companies been around forever and pumped out so much shit. They would not know how to make a quality film. Now, chemical burn is starting to follow suit. Hey less things to spend money on.

The Blooper Reel…3 out of 10

The film…let me pretend I did not watch it.