Shriekfest reviews…108.1 Radio FM and Malevolent Ascent

Some new Shriekfest titles for you guys. Let us start it off with the Italian short 108.1 FM. It is subtitled, and goes 15 minutes. It starts off with a man who is walking on the side of the road, and he gets picked up by a guy. While they are driving, on 108.1 they are telling people about this killer on the loose. This short is a cat and mouse game between 2 guys in a car, and each wondering about the other. This film was smart, it did not deliver just one gave you 2. And one was obvious, and the 2nd was a one that should have been more obvious. I give this film a lot of credit, it built such a good story and in the end delivered a great ending to this story we all have seen a million times but this time was done right. Just think what they could have done with a bigger budget and more time. I liked it.

7.5 out of 10

Malevolent Agent is our second. To start this review off, I hated Devil. I thought it was done to death predictable crap. Now, another elevator film. This time, the elevator goes down and down. And, these strangers must find a way to survive and make it back to the surface. First off, the actors felt like a acting troupe. The effects were hokey. But, there is a kill in the beginning that I did like. It almost looked like they were in the Tron battlefield for indie cheapness. This film looked fake throughout and the characters were trying to out act each other and never seem to sell me on their predicament. It was like a joke. I absolutely hated this film more than Devil. It is sad, cause I know it tried. But, maybe chalk this film up to being a bad student film and shoot higher with film 2.

1 out of 10