Sexy Pirates review



Sir Francis Hamilton, ambassador of King Charles II, has to go to Jamaica to
sign a peace treaty with the loathed French government. On their way, Sir
Hamilton’s ship is savagely attacked by the pirates of the cruel George Rackman. The ambassador is taken hostage by
the outlaws and his wife is asked to pay a huge ransom for her beloved husband.
Will the beautiful lady resist the brutal attack of the pirates or will she let
them… in her bed?




Another Joe D’amato obscure 80’s title being re-released by One 7 films. This film felt
like a sell out film. Like Joe was trying to make a stab at his own Sinbad-ish film. Starring famous porn star Anita Rinaldi. The sex scenes in this last only
seconds and could qualify as soft core. Why am I mentioning this? It is a Joe
D’amato film, you expect hardcore sex and sleaze. This film is more of a
straight forward story, and it fails. Why? Because the talent you have in this
film are not serious actors or actresses, they are adult stars. At times this
seems to tip its hat to old school Italian westerns, like they when hire a
sharpshooter, with the silliest save someone from a noose scene I have seen in a
long time. This film almost seems like a tragedy, as D’amato has such a great
resume, and this film seems like a throw away. But, look at the lead actress..this film could have been so
much more.




2 out of 10