Sex and Black Magic review

One 7 Films my hat goes off to them, they are digging into the vaults, and releasing some of the most obscure Joe D’amato stuff. Originally titled Orgasmo Nero in the early 80’s, this film is not a horror film as it is a sexual journey, or erotic reawakening of a female who is sexually depressed and the encounter of a native woman kind of gives her a new sexual reawakening. In the process, ruins her marriage.

Bonus Features Include: Alternate scene, Unused shots, Hardcore inserts, Original end credits, Photo gallery.

Where do I start? The bonus features are the most interesting I have ever seen. You can tell Joe was pushing this for different markets, so much so. The sex scenes in the film a lot of people will think were cut off, but the bonus features has the full on penetration from the scenes and also the oral pleasures in all their entirety. Is this a good thing or bad thing, unsure really but there is a scene where you can tell one of the stars has genital warts. Now at first, I thought this was a joke, or maybe fake. So I had to email the company, it is legit. The dude had genital warts. The film itself is sleaze, the acting is good enough to carry the film as you wish for nudity. And, you can tell this is old school, they did not shave back then and a cum free blow job scene. As a whole, it was decent and fun. D’amato does not disappoint,this film is straight forward and there is not much wasted. He believed in telling a story thru women, sex and just pushing the taboos. I am glad,that a lot of companies are releasing obscure titles from the 70’s and 80’s and the transfer was really amazing. Kudos…

7 out of 10

  • I think there was- to my knowledge about 3 sex scenes..but the bonus features shows the full penetration of the scenes…

  • Juana

    Hi just for curiosity is there more tha one sex scene besides the blow job??

    Mark Shannon (sigh) is the man that has genital warts – also you can see him on Erotic Nights of the Living Dead, Porno Holocaust and Exotic Malice ( available on May 10 2011 )