Movie Review-Seeking Wellness

This is how our film opens with this warning. And warns us we are going to be suffering thru
four movements. What the fuck am I about to watch? Why are there no reviews
online? Well the first chapter or movement is entitled One cup of
Friendship…shrine of scars. Which is supposed to be the end of suffering.This
is 14 minutes of the most experimental camera work I have seen in a long time.
It is black and white, and completely silent. You have a series of camera
angles, almost like you are watching a surveillance screen at a hospital. 2 guys
break in, and one rapes the nurse and has a patient in bandages freaking and is
crippled so bad and can’t move. It was the most haunting fucking scene and no
offense I laughed so hard at it as well. I am going to burn in hell. And, the
other burglar is killing anything that moves. It is haunting, almost too
realistic. And so sadistic and cruel in its feel and nature; Then all of a
sudden, we hear a voice. Which leads us to movement two…daddy’s day.
It is Christmas. We go to color as a man is narrating to his son and daughter
thru a slideshow of family clips. Now, you know there is something coming and it
does. He tells the story of Uncle Ken. Who used to make him stick crayons in his
ass to loosen him up for anal sex? Then, the camera stops. And we see the two
little kids silent and looking down almost motionless and he wants them to open
their Christmas presents. He gave his underage daughter 2 boxes of crayons. You
see the daughter’s face in almost a fear state. The kids get their dad, a tie
and a gun. This is a 10 year old boy and 9 year old girl at the most, maybe
younger. And the father starts putting the gun in his mouth almost like he is
sucking it in front of his kids. This is straight out of Todd Solondz Happiness. And, like that film this
was extremely too graphic and the dark overtones (though nothing is ever seen),
you can feel it. Then we skip to movement 4: The Final Project. It starts off in
a college lab. A young woman is on the podium talking to her class, about
manipulation thru visual stimulation and using human subjects to promote
products. But, this is where we get the surprise. This was not the final
project; it is the one after her. The next girl tells the story that leads us to
movement 3-Malignant Love. This is the story of Patient 12. Who was betrayed by
love? And at first was suicidal and cutting himself. Then, he decided to give
himself cancer. This is the study of what becomes of the cancer and his
recovery. It has images that are so fucking sick. One involving him tries to
put his head in a microwave. And the other involving the growth from the cancer,
which is the single most disgusting and weirdest thing I ever witnessed in a
This film is so sad, cruel and fucking sick. The dialogue in the college scenes was the best written
dialogue in a very long time, you sit there and think, hey this affects me. It
is like a strike against commercialism, and conforming. The dialogue of the
father in the scene with the kids was so haunting that you almost knew something
would happen; it kept you guessing which direction it would go. The first 14
minutes of the beginning are the true test. If you are into films like Cabin
Fever 2 and Chain Letter just skip this film, it will suck. If you want
something truly original and breaks new ground and does something different.
This film has balls. This film gives you 91 minutes of something truly weird,
and the payoff in the end is disgusting and really was so odd, that I knew this
film will be in my top ten of 2011. This film is a must…a fucking must…I
think now I know why he found me. This film…let the hype begin…

10 out of 10