Scream 4 Movie Sequels Will Not be Happening

Scream 4This should come as no surprise to anyone that has seen the numbers, but there will be no more sequels in the Scream franchise. The Scream series will end with Scream 4. I, for one, was not a hater of the film, but am not surprised about the news. Scream 4 was generally well received by the horror community, but you have to remember that it is what a movie makes that matters.

Scream 4 has a reported cost of $40 million. It has only brought in $30 million to this point and its theatrical run is drawing to a close. It will end up making money when all is said and done, but in an industry that is looking for the big draw, these numbers just do not cut it.

Compare those numbers to the recently released Insidious which made $50 million and only cost a reported $1.5 million. So far, that makes Insidious the most profitable movie of 2011.

  • Troy

    Scream 4 was not a horrible film but certainly fell below expectations. Certainly fell below mine. The twist ending was SOOO awful. Until that point I was entertained. Well, except for the atrocious appearances by Aimee Teegarden and Marielle Jaffe. WOW they were awful. Just AWFUL. They should be banned from ever acting again. But the movie itself had some jump moments and seeing Sidney, Dewey and even Gale back together was fun. I will certainly buy it when it is released on DVD/Blu-Ray if for nothing else than to complete the series. I found it better than Scream 2 that’s for sure. In the end though, they have never even come close to matching the original and most definitely have never matched Drew Barrymore’s opening in the original. At least Ghostface never gave us anything as bad as Friday the 13th Parts 5,6,8 & Jason Goes To Hell or A Nightmare on Elm St. Parts 5 & 6, Halloween 3 or Jaws 4!! Too bad he is going out on such a low note.

  • Frank – Fearshop

    Sure thing. I’m thinking the night after I drop dead should work.

  • It was actually worth watching. We will get together and run through all 4 one night.

  • Frank – Fearshop

    Oh no what will we ever do without another Scream movie????