Salvation by blood review

In the last year, I have watched over 100 shorts. I am starting to think the most creative minds are doing shorts trying to get their foot and visions in the door. I have seen shorts from a kill devil hill, to a remote that is from the future and past, to a clown who loves to touch and tickle, to jesus making a phone call to a radio station, to Honduras in the 80’s, and so on and on. But, this is something that I have yet to see, something that would haunt me. Fuck with me so much afterward, that I felt compelled to watch it back to back, to see if time 2 was just as special. And, the sad part. The 2nd time it was even more intense. Salvation by Blood is a 37 minute short directed by the dude who played a rat guy in the awful letdown you fans hail as Mulberry Street. ( what a shitsicle film) Devon Mikolas, this is his first feature and boy did this guy take some chances and really just go all out. Look at the actors who play the main characters Matt and Teresa ( played by ex American Idol contestant yes readers your eyes did not fail you ex American Idol contestant Jonah Young and the indie goddess who I just saw a few months back in Feeding Frenzy Tina Krause). Matt is the main focus, he starts the film locked up in jail and in handcuffs telling a attorney his story. What a story he comes up with. As we witness thru a 28 minute plus flashback. He meets Teresa, they fall in love at first sight. And adopt a few puppies and grow old in love. I am joking about that part, they become part of one of Teresa’s friends cult, who are into demonology and witchcraft. So they start getting into this cult so much that they decide to do it themselves alone and go further into this. The path they take, lead them to rape, murder, possession and gets Matt arrested.

The first few minutes, my first thoughts were ok, this film is going to be like every other film. It will be a character study as told by, not seen. Boy, was I wrong. This film is graphic. Almost too graphic. Filmed on a budget of 27 thousand, this film on a big screen could work. I do not know how many people can stomach how intense the murder scenes and rapes are. Yes, I used a plural. there is more than one. And, the twist at the end. All I will say is Melanie is hot. ( I may be the only critic ever who points out the hot women in all these films more than any other detail) And, this film does not shy away from the blood and gore, or nudity. The first time I ever watched a short, and when it ended. I had to rewatch the whole thing again. Just so I know what I would say about this film.

This is easily the best film Shriekfest has sent me to date. Is this a 10? I loved this film a lot. I would encourage any fan to buy this or seek it out. Maybe a 7.5 to 8. I would love to see a full length film of this. Wait..maybe not. I am scared that this is too good to be true and if it went longer may suffer though Melanie actress Lisa Di Fiore has a bright future. Someone get her agent on the phone and let me drop my digits to her. All jokes aside, Fans, readers-seek this film out.

7.7 out of 10