Romeo and Juliet vs The Living Dead

Plot-When Juliet, of Capulet birth, falls madly in love with a zombie named Romeo, Verona will explode in an ancient feud. As the doomed lovers struggle to overcome the hate on both sides toward their love for one another, Juliet’s best friend Mercutio fights to win her fro zombie Romeo. As this timeless tragedy that inspired millions is now a bloody and perverted comedy

Review-First off, I was a fan of Ryan’s last film Chase the Slut and like that film, this film takes chances. Did anyone else who seen this film recognize Romeo, he was in Klown Kamp Massacre. This film starts off with a football game, that turns ugly when the Capulet’s play too much with the peaceful zombies who decide to take their revenge out and attack them. This starts a war between the 2. And, when the zombies sneak into a costume party is when Romeo and Juliet first meet. This film almost played every scene for a laugh. And, with indie comedies like this, some of those laughs are funny and some fall short. There is a scene in the hot tub with Romeo and Juliet that is just such a goofy scene. ” Wrong Hole Romeo” I can picture a few women using that line during sex. Then, the ending which took the legend and turned it around to a touching and funny ending. Whereas Chase the Slut, built up a ending and then changed it, this film you had to know this is how it would end. There is plenty of gore and blood. But, it is done in a fun way, not horror. I like this as much as Dance of the Dead. Ryan Denmark and Third Star Films are really doing some fun stuff.. I had fun.

7.5 out of 10