Red, White and Blue review


To describe Red, White and Blue without giving away key scenes or spoiling
it will be hard, but I will try. So if I hint at things and they seem vague, it
is to protect you guys. I want you to have the experience I had.




Erica, the film centers around her. She is emotionless it seems, jumping man
to man without wanting to be loved or even a commitment. She just wants sex. The
film opens with her in a club, where she meets Nate. Well, Nate takes her back
to his house, and instead of a one on one intimate night, it turns out to be a
train. With his band mates. Well a stranger named Franki befriends her, and
instead of wanting to sleep with her, he wants her to be his friend. He gets her
a job, and she sleeps with all his co workers. ( some of the sex scenes in this
film are very graphic)Franki will set the stage for a shocking and very graphic
ending. ( I know this seems bleak and people will complain, I am not going to
cheat the readers, there are some twists and turns..that you will be glad I did not put in this




This is from Simon Rumley, whose last flick I hated badly The living and the
dead. Amanda Fuller, and Noah Taylor..holy hell where were the Oscar nods? Amanda
Fuller is a star. There is not one person alive who will not sympathize with her
and when she tells the story of what led her to this behavior, it is a gripping
moment and to see the tears just stream. So beautifully shot and acted. And Noah
Taylor, who despite it all is so in love with her as he holds her on the couch
while she tells the story. Franki,the third act of this film is brutal, sick and
disturbing. You have two souls on a doomed path to meet each other, and when
they do the result is graphic and disturbing.




On the dvd, they have a blooper reel. It goes about 3 minutes long and it is
fun to see Simon geek out to name certain takes a different movie title. It got
so bizarre and goofy. Then you have a few deleted scenes that really did not add
much or take away much.




This is cruel and cold Americana. And as much as I love Charlotte in
AntiChrist. She does not come close to Amanda Fuller’s Erica. This film is a
downer and has little touching moments, but all in all this is a very dark and
sinister film that demands a crowd.




9 out of 10