Psycho Killer Bloodbath review

Carlo Rodriguez, Gothic Films. I got introduced to Carlo thru Long Pig. This film seemed like a sick art film that really was all over the place, not in a good way but not in a bad way. It just seemed like Carlo was trying to tell a story that was not so clear, but made it visually appealing with the nudity and blood. What it lacked in story, it made up for in scenery, and some great angles and shots. Then came, Naked Horror. I loved the original version with just Angela, but then came a celebrity edition. That I absolutely despised. It was the same film almost except the shitty cameos Carlo and crew thought they needed. It robbed the experience of a film that had some of the most haunting scenes I ever seen put to film, and also the Carlo trademark strange religious meanings and fucked up paranoia. It is almost like David Lynch meets Ryan Nicholson. The problem is Carlo, means well. But, some of his films are even too weird for the casual horror fan. They are not easily spelled out, you have to put thought into them. You have to put something into them to get something out.

Now comes something totally different but almost the same. Psycho Killer Bloodbath. Originally a short of 39 minutes called Psycho Killer Attack. This film will read pretty simple. But, it is a Carlo Rodriguez vision, which means there is a lot more complex to it, than what you are reading. This film at 96 minutes feels almost like 3 mini stories that are connected in some way and will all morph in the end. One involving two nurses who work at a Texas Asylum and are doing their rounds in the maximum detention wing. Somehow the prisoners escape, and the women are in a fight of survival. Another story involving a group of kids who are in the woods hanging out doing what kids do, and a woman bloody and screaming get their attention and tell them there is a madman on the loose. And the other which Carlo keeps reminding us about is Patient 47. In almost a way right out of Seven. There is this mystery that us as the viewers have to figure out. Why is Patient 47 so deadly and everyone is affraid of them. Carlo builds up the mystery well. As a movie fan this is the film, you want to just cheat and see the ending first. Cause you know something is going on, and this film has some underlining meaning that you feel is being spelt out for you, in some weird art house way and the beauty of this film, you are so into the story you are trying to watch it all at once and you feel you are missing something. There is so much going on. And, that is not a bad thing. This is that film that watching it a few times you may catch things, you did not understand the first time. I thought that so I watched it twice. And knowing how it all wraps up, the whole story was actually better for me on the 2nd watch. But this film is not perfect….

With Carlo, his films are so adventurous. He takes challenges and risks that some young directors would think, nah I will play it safe. Carlo has balls. My minuses, and there is some. Patient 69 is a sick fuck. Played by George Russell. I liked some of the stuff, but some of it was redundant. I know he is part of Gothic Films. But, they should have cut his role down a lot. And Carlo tried to pull a fast one on me to test me to see if I watched Naked Horror. Dr Elizabeth Craig is back. Trust me some of the stuff that involves her in this film, is sick. Straight out of Ryan Nicholson school. It is vile and fucking disgusting. Make no mistake, this film has rape, very intense rape scenes and a lot of blood, nudity and religious meaning from George through out. Despite the small flaws, I loved it. Hell, the first two minutes of this film could guarantee this film would not get a R. I loved the feel of this film. A lot of fans will not get this film, as they did not get Bleading Lady. Fans want a easy horror film. Give us blood boobs and a madman..we are happy. This film is complex. Well thought out and the end of the film, you can almost picture someone on the other end, knowing they just kicked your ass and smiling. I love George, but if his role would have been about 10 minutes this film would have been a lot higher. And some other small flaws, like the dialogue with the teenagers. But, for those small flaws, look at the title..Carlo gave you his heart and soul. Gothic Films just made their statement. And I heard it loud and clear.

8.75 out of 10