Psycho Holocaust review

Coming from Independent Entertainment  on June 21st 2011


This is Troma vet Trent Haaga’s latest direct to dvd film. It seems like
lately Trent is either hit or miss. I liked him in Someone’s knocking at the
door, and he was a miss as Clyde in Bonnie and Clyde vs Dracula now comes this one.




This film centers around 6 kids who go on a trip to Whisper Lake, which is
this cabin in the middle of the woods and in the middle of nowhere. I mean so
far, this sounds like about 900 other direct to dvd films of the last year as
well. They always seem to go on these trips to the middle of nowhere, why
doesn’t anyone just stay in town and chill at Motel 6? They always have to go
thru the woods to places that you have no cell phone service and a million miles
away from population. Well, they soon find out they are not as  alone as they
thought, as there are 3 ex Iraq vets who are trying to kill them. And as a
bonus, even though it does not show at all, one of the women on the trip is
pregnant. Though, she can sure run a mile pretty fast and not have one ounce of
body fat.


And, a nod to Marcus Koch..that role is played by Raine Brown from 100 Tears who played Christine. This film
is almost like a indie who’s who. Almost all the talent you have seen in other
small indie films in the last few years.




This film is in no way original. And director Krist Rufty knows this and to hear him on the commentary and also
the 3 making of features, you almost want to root for the film to be great.
Which it is not. One of the vets out to get the people, is obviously a rip off
of the town that dreaded sundown and very much Texas Chainsaw Massacre the
original Tobe Hooper one. And, with him running with a sack and the
chainsaw, Krist knew that and just had fun with it. The pacing of this
film was my big issue, they went too fast in the beginning. Like they forgot it
was a 91 minute film. You would think they thought it was a 30 minute film. And,
you just knew they would drag out the final kills. Which sucked. But, the anal
raping with a bottle and then a saw blade was pretty graphic and really fun. ( I
just said a anal raping was fun, what the fuck is wrong with me) They obviously
watched I spit on your grave and were so inspired they had to steal a few ideas.
Then, the rationale about the military making them what they are, did not fit in
this film. It is like they are creating this gore hound fist fuck and then all
of a sudden, they just change the tone and go into a military story. Why?
Though, I thought the movie was ok and the dvd has plenty of special stuff to
keep you happy. The film was a little above mediocre at best. And that is for
the talent and how they just had fun with this film.




6.75 out of 10