Pelt review

This is from Osiris Entertainment. Chances are you have watched a film by them and just not known it. Lord knows they kick out what 5 films a year. Die-Ner ( get it), I.C.U. A-lure, any of those sound familiar? Like those films, this is a low budget take on some popular genre film, that will rip off bits and pieces off every other film you have seen. This time it is survival horror. We have 6 hapless people in the woods from a lunatic mountain cannibal man. Who has supernatural strength and has the running speed of light. If you seen Wrong Turn, and its sequels..why tell you the plot. You already know it.

This is the first film I have seen in a long time, that I was actually going with the cannibal. The people were so annoying and cruel to almost anyone they came in contact with, you almost hoped they would all just be killed. There is some decent kills in here. And some of the jokes were funny. It took about 35 to 40 minutes to really kick in gear. And when it did, it delivered for the most part. I mean, it was all predictable. You seen it all in every other film you have watched. Especially the ending which is a direct nod to Broken by Adam Mason with just another object instead of a gun. For everything I sort of liked, I counted the films that did it better. And here is one girl about to be tortured and killed, and all she is worried about is how the other girl who is locked in a cage ended up with her boyfriend’s shirt on. Would you just think that maybe when you get loose, or if you do, you could address that problem. And there is a weird scene that was cool that is in the previews, of a chase that ends up in a jump scene. That was so ridiculous, I liked it. As a whole rent any of the Wrong Turn films. Less annoying kids, and better kill scenes. Unless, this is on cinemax one night and you want to be consumed by the cheese. Again, for the things I liked, there are films that did them a 100 times better.

4 out of 10