My top 15 films…you need to rush and see asap

To me these 15 films are all awesome and need to be seen. There is no order, so enjoy…


1.Dead Hooker in a Trunk.This was one of the best films of
2010. This film is fun, very bloody and violent. Not so much horror, but oh man,
this film is what Machette, Nude Nuns with Guns, and all those wanna be grindhouse films tried to be. If you watched Machette and felt ripped off, you owe it to
yourself to see this film. This film is like a fucked up rollercoaster ride. So
much talent and heart. This film is a must.




2.Wound.This was the best
horror film of not only last year but since Inside. This film make no mistake is
hardcore, and very controversial. If you think you have seen it all in a film,
this film will kick your ass.




3.Klown Kamp Massacre.The best clown horror film ever. Even better
than 100 tears and Killer klowns from outer space. This film has so much heart
and has so much fun. This film is like Airplane for clown films. This film is
such a good time. If you need a laugh or a scare, this film delivers.




4.A Serbian Film. It has hard to
believe I seen this film what 14 months ago, and there is no US release yet.
This film will be talked about, loved and hated till the end of time. But, this
film delivers some of the most cold blooded shit I ever seen in any film. And
knowing what I know now about Serbia, this film is not as fiction as I once
thought, and that made me love and be disgusted even more.




5.Embodiment of Evil. Are you
sick of me singing Coffin Joe’s praises? Anyone with a pulse, knows this is
going to be my number one film in 2011. This will be in my top ten of all time.
This is the only major release in my top ten. The first non hollywood, hollywood
film. This film is a fucking classic. So much gore, blood and nudity.




6.Absentia. I call this the
Cinema Head Cheese film. When I became a part of CHC, this was my welcome. The first movie I cheer leaded on a
new site. I love Absentia. What a great ghost story? Ok, supernatural film? This
film is what Donnie Darko tried to be. Smart, creative and what a ending.




7.The Bunny Game. The only film in
my top 15, that scares me because I love it so much. This film should not be
loved, it should be feared. What a powerful statement, this is ( ok Adam I am
using the quote again) the fuck you american cinema has needed for so long.
Hollywood and almost every fest is scared of this film. This film is emotional,
cruel and very violent. It is the new wave of DIY film making, this is where film making is heading and
trust me, the age of the date film is over. Now, is the film you and your date
watch, and you are scared and she is feeling like she has a role model. This
film is proof that life is truly the best revenge on anything evil.




8.Seeking Wellness. This is an
exercise in human nature. The images, the words, the hidden meanings. You can
tell the Timothy Leary influence. The scene with the father and the two kids,
would make Harmony Korine, and Todd Solondz proud. Quite possibly the most
uncomfortable I felt watching a family night at christmas in any film ever. It
was so beautifully told and shot. If you are into films that you can see at a
Multiplex or anything that has a number after the title, this film is not for
you. I have termed this film…the “confrontational controversial”.




9.The Gruesome Death of Tommy
Pistol. The first film in a long time that tried too hard but worked. This film
looks for ways to disturb the viewer or push your buttons. And it tries so hard,
and lord does it deliver. The last 20 minutes of this film are so over the top
and a gore hounds wet dream. This film, I would love to be in a packed theater
and just watch the reactions.




10.Shellter. This film is
so sick and disturbing.  It is from start to finish, just a bloody fun time.
And, by the are going to be glad you watched it. This
film has guts..




11.Psycho Killer Bloodbath.
Carlo Rodriguez’s best film to date. Of all my films on this list, this was the
one I absolutely felt had the most to prove. 4 films in his career, and it just
feels Carlo is giving his heart and soul to his films, and no one is listening
or watching. Well, he made a loud statement that cannot be ignored. This film is
a blood soaked love letter to the fans, saying…I have arrived.




12.In the Dark. I know nothing about
the director or how I even got this film. All I know is.. this is the first
ghost story I have seen in a long time, that was so simple but effective. I was
mad, it got me with some really cheap jump scare moments that i should have seen
coming. That was part of the charm of this film. This film blows away any
Paranormal crap film.




13.Hell is Full. I saw this film
last July, we are now in April and I am still talking about it. What a fun twist
on the done to death zombie genre. This film for a small indie film has major
talent and is so well written. A great film




14.Long Pigs. This film will end
up being a cult classic shown on HBO and everyone talking about it. This film is
just amazing and so fun. Talk about the little film that could. If you have not
seen this film yet, you are missing out.




15.The Taint. You talk about a film
that fans are so divided on. The fans who love it, are the fun loving film goers
who want something new and fun. The ones who hate it, are the old school  fans,
that a film has to be done like this or that and not go outside of the lines or
boundaries and if it does, they cant comprehend thus they will hate it.


This is the blueprint for some amazing talent.



  • I am sorry about that. In the Dark was made in 2003…it sat on the shelf for 8 years there is no IMDB link to my knowledge. Long Pigs, Coffin Joe, The Taint, Shellter, Klown Kamp Massacre, and Hell is Full are available on Netflix, Amazon on demand, or just amazon buying. Dead Hooker hits the US dvd market later in the year. And the others are in search of a deal. Fans, you guys have the cash, you have the voice…email companies and tell them you want these films.

  • JJ

    How do I go about seeing most of these? Not a lot of fetivals hit central PA:( Also, “In the dark”, do you have an IMDB link? There were a bunch from 2010, but the longest was 30min.