Moje powstanie review

This is short 3 from the lovely and talented Anna Taborska. This is 16 minutes long and chronicles

Polish poet and retired BBC radio journalist Boleslaw Taborski as he is revisiting the Warsaw district of Mokotow, where he took part in the 1944 Uprising against occupying Nazi forces.

Again in subtitles, this film fascinates me. You look at this man, and you think ok, just another guy but the second he opens his mouth, he tells a story that only few of us in America have ever heard. World War 2, my father was a american POW, to hear his side of the stories when he was alive, you would think America and Germany were the only two who had any kind of effects from this war. But, to hear Anna give us short after short, clearly Poland dealt with the effects of a war, it wanted no part of. This documentary to me should have been longer, the story was rich and Anna’s love of all things scenery really enhanced the story. But, the story when it finally started to get interesting just seemed to end. Not saying this is bad, it just was too short. Or maybe that could be a good sign, maybe longer the film would have dragged. I am in love with this woman’s passion and vision. She creates art not by trying, but just making things so complex yet so simple. I only have one more to go, and that sucks. Because I am really starting to get a grasp on what makes her tick and guys you should seriously look this woman up and check out her work esp. if you are inspired by the polish point of view about World War 2 or just war in general. Anna is tops.

7 out of 10