Metal Review – Woods Of Ypres – Woods IV: The Green Album (2009)

Metal Review - Woods Of Ypres - Woods IV: The Green Album (2009)Woods Of Ypres have always their own unique blend of Metal. They are a mixture of Black Metal with splashes of a lot of other subgenres of Metal including Doom Metal, Gothic Metal, Progressive Metal and more. The music is very depressive with exceptional vocals from David Gold. As an aside, David Gold is an awesome guy. We have known him for years from having sold Woods Of Ypres shirts at our shop at for years and dealing directly with him. I am very proud to see what has become of this band since that time. They have a nice following and I think that it will only grow, especially with the release of Woods IV: The Green Album.

Originally released in 2009 via Practical Art Records, Woods IV: The Green Album is getting a much deserved re-issue from Earache. It is out via Earache Records on March 14th in Europe and March 22th in North America.

Woods IV: The Green Album is one of those albums that you must listen to front to back to truly appreciate it, and it keeps getting better with each listen. It is a dark, somber collection of 16 songs which almost run 80 minutes in length and is worth each one of those 80 minutes.

Songs such as the opening track, Shards Of Love, are melancholy to say the least. The second track, Everything I Touch Turns To Gold (Then To Coal), is a truly exceptional song mixing the Doom Metal sound that we normal hear from Woods Of Ypres while masterfully adding in Black Metal riffs and vocals seamlessly. The same can be said for By The Time You Read This… I Will Already Be Dead.

As you would expect from reading some of the song titles, a lot of the lyrics are tongue-in-cheek, but fit the mood of the album perfectly. Each song is crafted skillfully with no song sticking out as not being as good as the others. As mentioned, I have my favorites, but I do not have any songs that I could not get into at any given time.

Let me know your thoughts on Woods Of Ypres – Woods IV: The Green Album.

Woods IV: The Green Album Trackilisting:
01. Shards Of Love (Hurt Forever)
02. Everything I Touch Turns To Gold (Then To Coal)
03. By The Time You Read This (I Will Already Be Dead)
04. I Was Buried In Mount Pleasant Cemetery
05. Into Exile: “Can You Get Here In 10 Days?”
06. Pining (For You)
07. Wet Leather
08. Suicide Cargoload (Drag That Weight)
09. Halves And Quarters
10. You Are Here With Me (In This Sequence Of Dreams)
11. Retrosleep In The Morning Calm
12. Don’t Open The Wounds / Skywide Armspread
13. Natural Technologies
14. Mirror Reflection And The Hammer Reinvention
15. Our Union (In Limbo)
16. Move On! (The Woman Will Always Leave The Man)