Metal Review – Vastum: Carnal Law (2011)

Metal Review - Vastum: Carnal Law (2011)Release Date: May 31st, 2011

The Bay Area is well known for a lot of very good bands, and the area is no slouch when it comes to death metal either. Now, we have one more death metal band to add to that list. Vastum will be releasing Carnal Law at the end of May, and I can tell you that it absolutely rocks.

While only 6 songs, each one of these 6 songs is pretty good. The opener, Primal Seduction, just comes at you from the opening growl to the massive death metal riffs. The next track, and one of my favorites, Re-Member, slows it down a bit, but keeps it heavy as can be. Devoid is another track that just fuels the death metal fire and keeps the riffs coming straight at you.

While Vastum is new to the death metal genre, they are not a progressive death metal band or a melodic death metal band. Their classic death metal sound is akin to bands such as Grave and Autopsy. Fans of old school death metal rejoice. This album will be right in your wheelhouse.

Carnal Law Track Listing:
1. Primal Seduction
2. Re-Member
3. Devoid
4. Umbra Interna
5. Carnal Law
6. Spirit Abused

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