Metal Review – U.D.O. – Rev-Raptor (2011)

U.D.O. - Rev-Raptor (2011)Writing an U.D.O. review is not exactly a daunting task. You pretty much know what you are getting before you get into the album. The U.D.O. formula has not really changed since even the old Accept days. U.D.O. brings it straight at your face with a German metal feel to the music. The riffs are heavy and the choruses are catchy. If you are in the mood for some good, old classic metal, then you could do much worse than popping in any U.D.O. release. Oh, and in case you are new to the party, U.D.O is the German metal band led by former Accept frontman Udo Dirkschneider.

With that being said, Rev-Raptor does follow the same, cookie-cutter template that U.D.O. has followed for a while. The opening, title track, Rev-Raptor, comes at you hard and fast with a chanting chorus, which by the end of the song, you are singing along to. From Rev-Raptor on to Leatherhead, which has a different type of sound than a lot of what we are used to, but still follows the format. Honestly, if you are in the right mood, you could listen to U.D.O. all day without regrets. Check out a song like Renegade with solid thrashing riffs and chanting vocals.

Now that I have talked about U.D.O.’s format and cookie-cutter approach, I will say that Rev-Raptor was quite a welcome surprise. I find this one to be better than previous releases and has some true highlights that set itself apart from previous releases.

Longevity, integrity and consistency; these are the hallmarks of German metal kings U.D.O. Formed by two former members of Accept — Udo Dirkschneider (vocals) and Stefan Kaufmann (guitar) — U.D.O. have been flying their triumphant flag since their 1987 formation, but their 2009-released Dominator was a true triumph for the band, as the endless praise from fans and metal critics alike will attest.

Since Dominator’s release, fans have been venomously awaiting the follow-up, and the wait is now over, as their thirteenth studio album, entitled Rev-Raptor, is confirmed for stateside release on May 31! On the thirteen-track album, U.D.O. provide the logical successor to Dominator; its concise rhythms and machine-like grooves are a perfect complement to the traditional and as usual outstanding songwriting of the band, and Dirkschneider’s incisive voice as always triumphantly at the forefront of the action.

  • U.D.O. What can I say..I own every release and you know exactly what your getting when you purchase a U.D.O. Cd. Thi snew cd Rev-Raptor picks exactly off where Dominator his last release left off. Straight and heavy and right at you with awesome guitar riffs and heavy drumming. I like it a lot. Thus any U.D.O. Release you know wxactly what your going to be getting. As far as Accept is the new Cd Blood of the Nations is great and I love their new singer. All is good. You get two great bands in U.D.O. and Accept – so enjoy them both! U.D.O.’s Rev-Raptor is a must buy for any metal fan.

  • I hear you on the Accept. It really is a good CD, but I never find myself reaching for it to put it in again. Udo is awesome live, which is part of the reason why I would give him more of a chance than Accept. With that being said, I still like both of the new CDs, but I know that I will be listening to the new U.D.O. much more often.

  • Anselmus

    Udo did not leave Accept, they fired him, because they wanted to become more commercial. This did not work and they begged him to come back. Since then U.D.O. published one strong album after the other, while Accept were only succesful when Udo sang another CD with them (most praised: Objection Overruled).

    “Blood of the nations” has a brilliant sound and a good vocalist, but after I listened to it several times it became rather boring, while “Dominator” (even with its somewhat sterile sound) still kicks ass. I guess its Udos ability to put real emotions into the songs and give soul into the generic formula.

  • Blood of the Nations is incredible. I was the one fan who said..” a new Accept cd, who cares..” and when I heard it, it blew me away. I feel UDO has so much to prove. You know this was originally supposed to come out in Feb. but he went back in the studio. I know he heard and listened to the last Accept cd and felt the need that he had to try and one up them. And while I heard 4 songs on this so far, I see that a lot of old school Metal Heart and Balls to the Wall fans may dig it, but for me it sounded like the other 400 solo cds UDO has put out. It was on par with Death Row by Accept. UDO knows he made a mistake leaving Accept and trust me, this cd will come out and a week later be forgotten.