Metal Review – Septicflesh – The Great Mass (2011)

Septicflesh - The Great Mass (2011)The Great Mass is the eighth release by Greek blackened death metal band Septicflesh, and with The Great Mass, we are treated to some pretty good songs along with some high paced frantic, but controlled, chaos. This is the first release from Septicflesh since 2008’s Communion and is one of this year’s highly anticipated releases by many people. The Great Mass almost feels like a straight continutation from Communion and includes a blending of their blackened death metal sound with performances from the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and a full choir.

The album opens with The Vampire From Nazareth, which pretty much sums up Septicflesh’s sound in one song. The pace is quite chaotic at times and quite tame in others. The blending of vocals is done brilliantly and the song has a nice structure throughout. With the second track, A Great Mass of Death, the bar gets raised with a massive, powerful riffs and growling vocals that just make this song pure evil. These are just some early highlights to The Great Mass. Overall, the album is filled with a lot to enjoy.

Behold the new masters of darkness! SEPTICFLESH invite you to join “The Great Mass”. The Greeks’ seventh full length is a symphonic masterpiece that takes the use of an orchestra within a Metal context with a quantum leap into a new dimension. It becomes extremely audible that guitarist Christos Antoniou finished his studies of classical composition with honours and distinction. “The Great Mass” sounds nothing like the all too common application of soundtrack themes to hard music. Their much celebrated comeback album “Communion” (2008) already paved the way with a refined version of SEPTICFLESH‘s trademark sound: massive deadly guitars coming close to blackness with intricate string-work supplemented by haunting gothic melodies and epic orchestral arrangements. The Greeks had used their hiatus after splitting up in 2003 well. The band started out as SEPTIC FLESH in 1990 and only one year later the EP “Temple of the Lost Race” came out as their first release. With every following album from their debut “Mystic Places of Dawn” (1994) to the stunning “Sumerian Daemons” (2003) the band developed in giant steps transforming and honing their songwriting skills and sound into highly original and very cinematic dark musical matter at the edge of Black, Death and Gothic Metal. With “The Great Mass” SEPTICFLESH have achieved immortality. Join their cult!


Seth Siro Anton: bass & vocals

Christos Antoniou: guitar & orchestral arrangements

Sotiris V: guitar & clean vocals

Fotis Benardo: drums & percussion