Metal Review – Pentagram – Last Rites (2011)

Metal Review - Pentagram -  Last Rites (2011)One of the most enduring metal bands of all time, and definitely pioneers in the doom metal genre, Pentagram has been bringing it since the early 70s. Co-founder and frontman, Bobby Liebling, has been the driving force behind Pentagram since their underground beginnings while the supporting band has been a revolving door of talented musicians. Remember when Pentagram was actually a more straight rock band before they became doom metal legends? It seems like another lifetime at least nowadays. I still blame a lack of serious label support for Pentagram never achieving more than just a cult following.

Up until last year, it looks like Pentagram was done for good between constant band shake-ups and Liebling’s addictions. A reunion between Liebling and guitarist Victor Griffin, followed by a string of successful shows, made the release of Last Rites possible. With the release of Last Rites, Pentagram brings us more of their doom metal infused with classic rock and they bring it hard and loud.

Word has it that a bunch of these songs on Last Rites, were actually written in the 70s, but have never seen the light of day until now. From listening to the album, it does not sound like they are trying to capture the magic of yesteryear either. The songs just seem to work. I am just glad to hear something new from Pentagram since it has been seven years since the last full-length release.

Pentagram Promo Shot

Last Rites begins with Treat Me Right, which is just a fat riff leading into a really solid track. Leads a plenty in this one. I can really get behind that one. Call the Man is a fun track. It has a catchy melody and has a very classic rock feel to it. After that, we run into Into the Ground, which is just more fat riffs brought into the mix. The songs just come at you one after the other and bring what we have come to recognize as good old Pentagram doom metal. Another highlight of the album is the track simply titled 8.

I would love to hear thoughts from people who are longtime fans or are new to Pentagram. Post them here.