Metal Review – Hyperborean – The Spirit of Warfare (2011)

Hyperborean - The Spirit of Warfare (2011)Hyperborean is a melodic black metal band hailing from Sweden and signed to Abyss Records. The Spirit Of Warfare is their debut full-length release although they have been together since 2000 and have released three demos.

I have never really been a fan of melodic black metal because black metal is more of a predefined niche and I like my black metal to remain true to black metal roots. I know, I know, I am a nitpicker. Outside of me being anal about black metal, I will say that I can get behine Hyperborean’s The Spirit of Warfare a little. The riffs are abundant and there is a lot of homage being paid to black metal classics on this release. They are pretty technical and make a nice mixture of the technical elements within the classic black metal riffs. Some riffs are even thrash metal-style riffs. With all of these subgenres of metal mixed together, you would expect to hear a bunch of chaos within each song, but while tempo and riff changes are all over the place on most of the songs, at no point, did the music ever sound chaotic to me.

My favorite track on the album right now is the 7 minute track Weapon Making, which is the second track on the album. The tempo changes are all over the place, but maintains a nice song structure for the entire 7 minute length. The riffs are running rampart on this one and the vocals are pretty solid as well. Another standout would be The Last Stand of Leonidas And the Battle of Thermopylae. Almost 10 minutes in length, it is very epic in style and works well. While the title is quite a mouthful, the song is very solid and is another song which is all over the place, but still contained nicely.

1.    Channelling The Spirit Of Warfare (7:12)
2.    Weapon Mankind (7:03)
3.    Viper (7:10)
4.    The Last Stand Of Leonidas And The Battle Of Thermopylae (9:54)
5.    A New Sun Rises (5:39)
6.    Killing Grounds (4:21)
7.    The Sick Man Of Europe (6:33)


Hyperborean was formed in August of 2000 with the intention of playing melodic extreme metal. We recorded
two demos Of Malice and Thorns Scar her Soul with basically the same line-up and they were well received by the
underground media and some labels.

After the early demos our line-up changed, and with so did our sound when Andreas joined the band. The music
took a darker and more aggressive path . A third demo, Prey, was made in 2005 and after that the band was put on
hold for a few years. We where still writing material during this time and those songs became the foundation for
The Spirit of Warfare, which we recorded in August of 2009. And now, with the help of Abyss records we are ready
to release it upon the world.