Metal Review – Hordes of the Morning Star – Consummatum Est (2010)

Hordes of the Morning Star - Consummatum Est (2010)Hordes of the Morning Star released Consummatum Est last year and I am finally getting around to listen to it. While they are classified as black metal, they almost have a death metal or progressive black metal approach to things. I have talked ad nauseum about my stance on progressive black metal as black metal is not a progressive type of music, but let’s talk about it again.

While there are glimpses of some really good moments on this album, as a whole, the album is not really anything special. The production is clean and the songs are average at best with a few standouts. Songs like To Sire a Slave are pretty good with a lot of black metal tendencies to it, but overall, the album is missing a lot. Perhaps the production is too clean for black metal? I hate to sound like a broken record about the way black metal should sound, but it is my stance on it.

With the songs written a little better, this would have been a much better release, but we could say that about most releases. The band’s musicianship is tight and sharp, so I have no complaints about the band itself.

Consummatum Est Track Listing:
1. Illuminate 03:18
2. To Sire a Slave 03:56
3. Ashes 03:53
4. Sentinel 04:45
5. Sacrament 03:06
6. Altar 03:37
7. Holocaust 04:14
8. Cut My Throat and Bury Me 05:45
9. Carrion Throne 04:02