Metal Review – Hell Pain – Frozen Breath (EP) (2010)

Metal Review - Hell Pain - Frozen Breath (EP) (2010)Genre: Depressive Black Metal

Hell Pain is a band from Jordan which I do not know much about, but want to hear a lot more from. I really wish that I had more information on this band, but all I know about them is that their MySpace page is no longer up and that this EP rocks.

Since their MySpace page is no longer up, I would assume that they are no longer together, but all in all, the songs on this EP are not half bad and it really is a shame. If you can find this EP, I would definitely give it a listen. It is not a straight Black Metal release, but it is very Black Metal in tone and nature.

Songs such as Die With Me are very Black Metal influenced and hearken back to old Bathory. The opening track, Struggling To Death, actually has a very Marilyn Manson-like feel to it. By the way, I am a huge Manson fan, so that is a good thing.

Overall the EP is done very well, and one would assume that the unpolished sound was done with the intention of giving it an old Black Metal feel. Either way, there are some good songs on here, so check it out if you can.

Frozen Breath (EP) Tracklist:
01. Struggling To Death (4:51)
02. Frozen Breath (3:33)
03. Die With Me (3:42)
04. My Nightmare (10:09)
05. Immortal (7:20)