Metal Review – Heirs – Fowl (2010)

Metal Review - Heirs - Fowl (2010)Heirs’ latest release, Fowl, seems to be a contradiction in terms to say the least. They speak of the filth of humankind, but speak of it in such a beautiful way. Fowl is a somber-sounding release of very melodic inspired Metal. The tones go as far as Black Metal at times and as mellow as Ambient Metal in other cases. Regardless of which end of the spectrum we are analyzing, Heirs’ Fowl is a very solid release.

With the melodic, repetitive droning of many beautiful riffs intertwined with basic effects and sounds that seem to fit into these songs so wonderfully. This is a release that you can sit back and mellow out to at any time. It has such a nice blend of ambient layers that I feel confident that many different fans of many different genres, not just of Metal, would appreciate it. It is probably not a release that I will go back to often, but I know that it is a release that will remain in my catalog for a long time.

From the opening track, Dust, droning on in their now-familiar ambient format, then exploding in a fury towards the middle to end of the track, you know that you are in for something special. The title track (and second track), Fowl, comes at you in a similar fashion with a very repetitive acoustic riff bellowing at you for minutes until the middle of the song where the sonic explosion seems to arrive at the perfect moment. Most of the tracks follow this simple format and it just works very well.

Heirs – Fowl Tracklist:
1. Dust
2. Fowl
3. Burrow
4. Tyrant
5. Men
6. Mother
7. Drain