Metal Review – Bodyfarm – Bodyfarm (2011)

Bodyfarm - Bodyfarm (2011)Release Date: 04.26.11

I was just sent this promo today and I popped it in. I have to tell you that I am loving this EP. I have listened to it at least a dozen times already.

From the outset of the album, there is a minute and a half intro entitled Into Battle. It has the sounds of a symphonic power metal band, so I thought that was what I was getting myself into. Wow, was I wrong. Once the album proper starts off with the a song with the namesake of the band, Bodyfarm, you are in a whole different realm. It starts off with a death metal / grindcore type riff almost verging on thrash metal. Then, the growl hits and you know that you have some death metal goodness coming at you.

Throughout the four vocals tracks of the album, you are treated to plenty of death metal riffs and solid leads mix in with some very solid vocals. When you can get your hands on Bodyfarm’s self titled release on 04.26.11, I suggest that you do. It is good listening.

In the late summer of ’09, drummer Quint Meerbeek drove guitarist/vocalist Thomas Wouters home after Thomas did a gig with his previous band in Rotterdam. Not content with the band Thomas played in at that time, he asked Quint if he was interested in forming a brand new no-nonsense death metal formation. A few days later the two of them hooked up for a few beers to talk some shit over, and a week later they met in the rehearsal room. This combination seemed an instant success, and BODYFARM was born, hailing from their beloved hometown of Amersfoort. Heavily influenced by bands like Grave, Vomitory, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Morbid Angel, Massacre, Vader, and many others, they decided NOT to be a specifically innovative, technical or refreshing band: “We play plain death metal, and have fun while doing it. As long as it’s aggressive, catchy, groovy and raw we are good with it. We are not doing something new, we’re just doing what sounds good to us and try to keep it relatively primitive. Our only message is to enjoy death metal the way it’s supposed to sound” .. .. BODYFARM is rehearsing weekly, working hard on their repertoire. Thomas and Quint decided to be the rock solid foundation, and creative force of the band to make sure BODYFARM will always keep it’s unique but recognizable sound. “So we went looking for musicians who wanted to play with us live, and eventually found them. Bram as a guitarist, and Mathieu, a bass player. Both experienced and fast learning musicians, and that is exactly what we’re looking for” BODYFARM is working hard on composing new songs every week to thrash with a worthy setlist. With succes! They have shared the stage with bands like HAIL OF BULLETS, HOUWITSER, and many others, and working hard on their live reputation. If you are interested as a band to do a gig with us, or are you a venue who wants us to play? Contact us! .. .. BODYFARM just finished recording their first CD . BODYFARM is currently signed with ABYSS RECORDS, so stay tuned for what’s more to come..

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