Metal Review – Blaspherian – Infernal Warriors of Death (2011)

Metal Review - Blaspherian - Infernal Warriors of Death (2011)Blaspherian is a Death Metal band hailing from Texas who formed in 2004. They are very ingrained in the Death Metal community as being one of the newer leaders in the genre Death Metal. Their tone is a complete Death Metal tone with a very muddy, heavy sound. I can honestly say that there are not too many Death Metal bands bringing it like Blaspherian these days.

From the outset of the album, the opening track, The Disgrace Of God, hits you right in the face. Lord Apollyon’s vocals sound like they come straight from hell and are so guttural and solid. Lord Apollyon is easily the highlight of this band, but that is not to say that the rest of the band are slouches in any way. They are very solid musically.

Another track that I am really getting into is Sworn to Death and Evil. It is slow and heavy. While their sound may not be completely unique or revolutionary, it still has enough power behind it that will want you to keep listening. I wish that they were not so straight forward Death Metal, but if you want a solid Death Metal band, then look no further.

While there will always be comparisons with Cannibal Corpse, I find Blaspherian to be unique enough to where these comparisons are unwarranted. Infernal Warriors of Death is a release that I can really get behind and sounds like some sort of soundtrack from hell. I really am liking this release so far.

Blaspherian – Infernal Warriors of Death Tracklist:
1. The Disgrace of God
2. Desecration Eternal
3. Sworn To Death and Evil
4. Lies of the Cross
5. Infernal Warriors of Death
6. In The Shadow of His Blasphemous Glory
7. Invoking Abomination
8. Exalted in Unspeakable Evil


  • I hear you on that. I am more of a fan of their older stuff as well, but somewhat of a newer fan. For some reason, I was not into them when they first came out, but I have learned my lesson and now love the older stuff.

  • kalo-l-

    Hey! I am fond of Deicide since 1998, when I started listen to Metal. This band performed an indelible impression at me. The last albums are still quite technique musically but ages get their way – it’s not so brutal and angry as the previous were… But I think I still keep myself among their fans.

  • I can hear some Deicide in there as well. What did you think of the new Deicide? I loved it, but have not gotten back to listening to it in a few weeks now.

  • kalo-l-

    As for me, it is a re-incarneted ‘Deicide’ of its best years – the best Satanic Death Metal I’ve ever listened to…