Metal Review – Acephalix – Interminable Night (2011)

Acephalix - Interminable NightWith a sound comparable to old Entombed or Autopsy, Bay Area’s own Acephalix will shove their style of death metal right down your throat without your permission. With their 2011 release, Interminable Night, they bring it big time. While not perfect, the album is very solid and is drenched in old school death metal riffs and some sharp vocals.

San Francisco-based ACEPHALIX spew forth a stripped-down and tonally obliterating old-school Nihilist/Entombed death metal style infused with West Coast crustpunk angst. Featuring members of Depressor and other hellish Bay Area acts — including three members who also do time in Vastum, another act currently gaining worldwide attention from the death metal underground — ACEPHALIX already have a diehard cult following, and plan to take their terror worldwide as Southern Lord releases the band’s seven-track bulldozer Indeterminable Nightin a one-time CD pressing of 2,000 on May 24