In the Dark movie review

How many of us sit at home and wonder where some of the bumps and noises at
night come from? Hollywood has always exploited those fears. This is why a lot
of us are horror fans. We want something to scare us. To challenge us to react.
To me, a ghost story is the one film hollywood has tried how many times, and can
never seem to get right. For every one that is decent, there are 40 that are
awful. I do not know if this was by fate, but a person I never talked to in my
life or had the pleasure of even knowing about his film, somehow sent me this
film he claims is 7 years old, and is trying to get the word out. Ok, who am I
to look at a opportunity and not take it. So let us put this film in.




In the Dark, is a simple story. 3 East Valley college students commit a
triple suicide. Which leads the 3 brothers of the 3 guys who did it, to the
house that it happened in. Once they get there they find out quickly that things
are not what they seem, when they uncover their brothers journal they kept of
the events that lead up to their fate. Which deals in the occult, a mother and
daughter who were brutally murdered by the man of the household. The journal
tells the story of mushroom Hallucinogenics that were used  to
try and be one with the spirit world, which in return made them weak to it as
well. The three brothers now have to try and solve the puzzle of their brother’s
so called suicides and try to stop the ghosts that haunt the house.




Mike Mortimer created a ghost story that delivers. The majority of the film
is the reading of the journal. But, it was effective cause it gave the jump
scares that happen the extra oomph they needed. This film, I have no word on
distribution or how to buy it or even watch it. But, I will be serious. This
film gave me the heebies and scared the fuck out of me a few times. Not
only that, but there is a scene that involves…( no I am going to be careful)…failure and
a razor blade, that is so fucking sad, and I think a lot of people will see this
scene and each get a different meaning. It is a scene, that me working for a
finance company at one time in my life, had the fear of at least 80 times a day
and had the same thoughts. You would also picture a lot of Wall Street suits,
like my 2 cousins who feel that pressure. It was too real. The film towards the
end I thought it would lose something with the reveal being explained at the
hour mark, but the last 35 minutes took the same old ghost story and put a
fresh smart twist to it. For what it lacks in pacing in the first half hour, it
makes up for in the next hour in pure fun jumps and goosebump chill scenes and visions that fucked with me a
lot more than they should have. This is a popcorn date ghost story. It has the
shadows on the wall, the noises, baby girl crying, visions and most of all
offered a bleak take on reality in the eyes of the dead. I liked it a lot. Get
this man and his film a deal, this film needs to be experienced.




8 out of 10