In Memorium review

Even though this film was originally shelved in 2005, see if you heard this story before. We have a young couple, Dennis and Lily who move into a new house. Dennis has terminal cancer, and wants to chronicle his final days. So he installs all these movement sensitive cameras all over the house to chronicle his struggle. Instead they get something else. There is something else in the house with them.

I was so ready to call this a Paranormal Activity rip off. But this was done a full two years before the other. But, I promise you the success of the other, got this film distributed. This film is boring, bad acting from all involved. A story line all of us as horror fans are used to. If you know a house is haunted, why stick around, and do not worry they explain why and it makes less sense then why I did not shut this film off before the 20 minute mark. You get some scenes that go for about 3 to 4 minutes that are in the dark and all you hear is voices talking. What purpose they served, I have no idea and if you are running a 74 minute time limit why spend 10 minutes of the film in total darkness with no meaning or any value or jump factor.

I know Paranormal Activity is that film that divides fans, some love it, some like it, some despise it. But, I look at the effect it has on today’s box office and what hollywood thinks we want out of horror. As a fan of ghost stories I would rather it be more Poltergeist than Paranormal. I cannot get behind a film that is built to deliver a experience that I did not get. This film is a waste. It is a fucking black eye in horror. And wait till they explain the ghost story and ask you to buy in to. Oh lord, how do these films get a greenlight and budget?

0.5 out of 10..