Hyenas review

I bet on paper this film seemed like a sure sell. ” Ok guys we got Costas
from Saw, and Christa Campbell, and it will be about get this shape shifting
hyenas who kill and prey on innocent people. Ok, who wants to write the check to
get this green lit?” The plot is pretty ABC. You have a clan of the hyenas, who
appear as human, but shape shift into this cheap werewolf looking thing, roaming
this small town killing anyone in their path. Of course, as is in all horror
films, there will be the token black guy who the town has deemed as crazy that
knows what is going on. And, the sad part, that is the name they call him in the
film Crazy. Well, one night Costas, his old lady and newborn son are on their
way home, and a car of hyenas run them off the road and kill them. Now, Gannon
or Costas, comes to the town to see what is going on. Of course, he will have
his Saw suit and tie. I almost expected him to tell the town sheriff he had a
game to play. Crazy Briggs, finds him in a hotel and tells him this far fetched
story, about killer hyenas and the female is the alpha and they are hunting. I
mean, right after we lose a loved one to unknown reasons it is always good to
have some town idiot, tell us about killer hyenas. Well, this town has every
stereotype. From the cool jocks, to the mexican who to the tee, acts like
every mexican character you seen before from Chico to Cheech, and of course thanks Jason Mewes there has to be the long haired stoner who makes no
sense, and is only there to provide some comic relief. Well, one night Gunner,
Costas, saves a woman’s life from the clan. And, he takes her back unconscious
to his house and she wakes up a few hours later, to the best dialogue of the
year. ” hey, those are my clothes on the side of the bed” and Costas says ” yeah
they were covered in blood so i washed them, but do not worry I did not wash your
underwear with blood in them, cause i did not know where that came from”.
No offense to any woman, but if you are unconscious and you wake up and you have
blood in your panties and a guy has your clothes on the bed all clean, get the
fuck out quickly. Or at least see if you can sit down with no anal pain. All
jokes aside, this film is horrible. Almost so laughable bad, I would recommend
just to watch it to see how bad the acting and hyenas come across. The scenes
with Valarie and Costas you almost feel like you are watching a reading for a
role and not a film. The acting is awful. And now the bad part. I have to point
out the mistakes. Like when Valarie is in the car and is run off the side of the
road. Anyone else notice that the stunt double did not only not look like the
character, but was not the same sex. I almost thought David Spade was driving.
And, in the beginning when Costas was in the sheriff’s office, he is shown
moving the boom microphone. And I thought well those little errors are
excusable, but did anyone notice in the cave for the final fight scene, that you
could see someone like pointing to the characters to do the scene. This would be
a fun film if you were drinking and you got some friends who were not really
into horror but wanted a good laugh. My only thought, what is next for Costas
now that Saw is over. Hyenas 2? I bet Costas prays nightly that they do a new
Saw film quickly, before B movie hell haunts him. The only reason I sort of
liked this, it was cheese, and a lot of fine women and you get nudity. But, make
no mistake this film is bad.




3 out of 10

  • good movie but need to work on gfx to make it great

    can watch once