House of Sin review

Let’s see Chemical Burn so far have given me soft core porn in Cam Girl, a
almost decent take on the toxic avenger with zombies called Melvin. And the
Lesbian Vampires, a soft core romp of bad acting and hot goth girls showing off
their fake boobies and legs. Yes, boobies and legs…now House of Sin. In Londontown there is
this place that is like a brothel. House of Sin has this guy who runs it who is
a total mystery called The Mage. And you wont care, if you watch this film to
find out who Mage is, sorry you will be letdown. In this house of sin all bets
are off, you can live up to any fantasy and desire you have. Again, more soft
core bad acting heavy on the nudity little adult romp. Why not just make porn?
This is being offered as what, horror, exploitation, drama, comedy..I do not
know how to label this film and I watched it. The bad thing this company is so
good to all of us critics, they go the extra mile that to rip them is kinda fucked up and
almost like you do not appreciate them. I love all they do for me, but this is
where I have a responsibility to the fans, I know some people will take it easy
on certain films for fear of not getting good treatment in the future, but sadly
I am not that person. This film is beautiful to watch and look at in certain
moments..a lot of
hot women. Who go full nude, well not wide open…but they show pube or stubble. If
this film was full porn, it would get higher marks. This film has a array of
fine women, who when you hit the mute button mean a lot more. Unwatchable..not
really, I love the women. Recommended, hey if you got a wife or girlfriend and
she hates porn, get this it is porn lite and who knows
she may hook you up with a little ( hint hint though, if any female had a
interest in this review it ended when I mentioned pube).I recommend
the nudity and women, the movie as a whole hell no…pass