Horror Review – Daddy’s Girl (1996)

After a troubled year in school, Jodi is informed by her teacher, Ms. Hemp, that she will recommend to Jodi’s father that the girl be sent to a special boarding school next year. Horrified at the thought of being separated from her beloved father, Jodi does what any young child in the same situation would do: she sneaks into the school the next day when nobody is there but Ms. Hemp is there and brutally murders her by crushing her with a bookcase so Ms. Hemp can’t meet with her father. Well, maybe Jodi isn’t like the other children. As other people start to come between the girl and her father, they also meet similar fates.

Director: Martin Kitrosser
Writer: Steve Pesce
Stars: William Katt, Michele Greene, Roxana Zal, Mimi Craven, Peggy McCay, Whip Hubley, Gabrielle Boni

Here is a little-known movie about an evil kid that I recently rewatched since it is streaming on Netflix. I wish that the point of this review was to tell you that this is a must-see gem that you will be sorry that you overlooked, but I just cannot put myself out there like that. What I will say is that it is not entirely horrible and if you are a sucker for this subgenre of Horror / Thriller movie, then you should give it a watch.

For the most part, the film is watchable, but it does have plenty of flaws. The number one flaw of this film is the child actor Gabrielle Boni. Watching her performance will not make you forget the performances of Jodelle Ferland (Case 39) and Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan) anytime soon, but if you can watch the film without that performance detracting from it, then you will probably enjoy this movie for what it is.

If you are a fan of the so bad it’s good sort of film, you will probably really enjoy this film as a fun, little popcorn movie and will probably end up cracking up at the constant bombardment of horrible one-liners. Unfortunately, the one-liners are not meant to be taken as a joke.

I can say that, after my second viewing of Daddy’s Girl (and my first in over a decade), this film could have been a lot worse than it was. Of course, it could have been a lot better as well.