Header review

I remember in 2007, when I first saw ads for this film. “What is a Header?” “You are going to be shocked by a header.” And I read so many stellar reviews on this film, I knew eventually I would watch it. Well, today was that day. The age old mystery is over, I know what a header is. Now, I wish I did not. Directed by first time and only time director Archibald Flancranstin, Header is actually 2 stories, one involving a crooked ATF agent named Stu Cummings. He has a sick wife who needs all these medicines. And his salary is not cutting it. So, he works with a local drug lord to make extra money. This film is basically the tale of his life, and the choices he makes and the descent his life takes for the choices. Then, the second story is about a just released ex con Travis who goes home to his grandfather, and his grandfather teaches him about a ” header”. Which leads Travis down a path that is so sick and just unreal in which he thinks he is paying back for the wrongs done to him and his family. Eventually Stu finds a body and is on the case, to find out what a ” header” is and if it can be stopped. ( I know the plot seems sort of choppy, I am not a spoiler critic..and I tried to make it as to the point as I could without no giveaways)

The positives. You know within seconds what a Header is. And when you find out, you almost wish you did not know. It is pretty gruesome. The film is violent. The concept as fucked up as it is, is at least different. The negatives, the accents. Travis and his grandfather was laughable. And not in a good way. The last 20 minutes of this film were so desperate. It was like the film wanted to just have a twist just to have one. And the twist made no sense. It was absurd. And Travis gets out of jail, and his first words are this heartfelt speech about being broke and out of work. Seriously, you just got out of jail. And why no police warnings or people knowing what is going on around them. There are all these dead bodies and the police are just ho hum..this is not unusual. No offense, if I saw that shit..I would have a APB out for the culprit, and there would be cops everywhere to find this culprit. There would not be women walking around the streets all day long alone. There are films and concepts that even for me, seem a bit weird. And this is one. Did I hate the film, not really…but I could not recommend it.

6 out of 10